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How Do I Stop Nightmares about My Family?

From Indonesia: Lately, I’ve been having a sleeping problem. I would either have bad dreams or suddenly bad thoughts come into my mind. The bad dreams that I’ve been having mostly about being chased, getting stuck or confronting something that makes me feel helpless and after that, I would wake up breathing heavily and panting.In one dream, I was in a fist fight against my father and I couldn’t fight back. And if I can’t sleep, mostly the bad thoughts are about I being violent to my father. I never liked my father because since I was a kid, he was always a bully to me and rarely at home. My mother is no better because she is always being overprotective and seems to be always obedience to my father and often thinks in the same way as he does. The resentment stays within me until now and that makes me hate going home. How do I fix this problem?Often dreams are an unconscious attempt to solve a problem. In your case, the problem to solve is your relationship with your parents. Since you …

Daily Meditation Monday, July 23, 2018

Take care of the earth and she will take care of you. - Anonymous

from The Meditation Society of Australia
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New video by Global Mountain Bike Network on YouTube

GMBN's First Ride On The New Shimano XTR | 12 Speed MTB Drivetrain
Shimano invited Neil out to the Italian dolomites to take a look at the new XTR 12 speed groupset, and it wouldn't be complete without taking it out for a spin. The new drivechain has an all new look, but the feel is even better, with larger gear ratios and a newly designed and extra powerful 4 piston brake calliper. In association with Shimano Subscribe to GMBN: Get exclusive GMBN gear in the GMBN store! Shimano have redesigned their classic freehub body to a 'Micro Spline' version which accepts this new 10-51, 12 speed cassette. Its a smaller freehub body which has incredible engagement but also runs completely silently as it doesn't make use of a ratchet and pawl system. Other big news is the addition of a 4 piston brake calliper for that extra power. The brakes also receive cooling fins and the levers get an extra point of contact on the bar to increase le…

New video by Global Cycling Network on YouTube

5 Good Habits Every Road Cyclist Should Have
Ever wondered what it takes to be a more respectful cyclist? Chris, James and Emma give you five good habits they think every road cyclist should have. Subscribe to GCN: Register your interest in the GCN Club: NEW GCN Fan Kit: Helping the reputation of cyclists is important for our sport, and sticking to these good habits will make us appear better in everyone's eyes. It doesn't take much to be friendly on the bike and it can make a real difference to other people's days. Here we have five habits that will make everyone like cyclists! What good habit do you think we should add to this list? Let us know in the comments. 👇 If you enjoyed this video, make sure to give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends. 👍 If you'd like to contribute captions and video info in your language, here's the link - Watch more on GCN... 4 Bad Cycling Habits …

Brain Response to Food Reward Linked to Kids Overeating

Why is it that some people find it so hard to resist eating an entire bag of chips?The answer may lie with how their brain responds to food rewards, leaving them more vulnerable to overeating, according to a new study.During the study, researchers discovered that when certain regions of the brain reacted more strongly to being rewarded with food than being rewarded with money, children were more likely to overeat, even when they weren’t hungry.Shana Adise, Ph.D., a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Vermont who led the study while earning her doctorate at Penn State, said the results give insight into why some people may be more prone to overeating than others.The findings may also give clues on how to help prevent obesity at a younger age, she said.“If we can learn more about how the brain responds to food and how that relates to what you eat, maybe we can learn how to change those responses and behavior,” Adise said.“This also makes children an interesting population to work w…