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The Effect of Social Support and Meaning of Life on the Quality-of-Life Care for Terminally Ill Patients

This study examines the effect of 2 indicators on quality of life (QOL): social support and meaning of life for terminally ill patients. These 2 indicators are very important from a psychological and spiritual point of view. The findings suggest that there is a statistically significant correlation between meaning of life and QOL (r = .610, P < .001). Results have also demonstrated that more frequent patient visits increase the sense of life fulfillment for dying patients. A significant relationship exists in survival of life meaningfulness and satisfaction with social support. In conclusion, experiencing one’s life as meaningful is positively related to the well-being for dying patients. Social support provided by a close relative had a positive influence on the patient’s meaning of life and overall life satisfaction.

from American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine current issue


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