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My Husband Fequently Chats with Female Friend

From India: My husband started chatting with his female friends frequently during weekends and at home after office. They both used to work in same office. Now my husband has shifted to a new office. They chat about likes and dislikes. When I stopped him from chatting with her at home, he fought with me saying she is his very good friend and nothing else.As I have restricted him to chat with her at home, he chats with her whenever he is at his office and as I check his mobile everyday he deletes those chats. In spite of lot of fights between us, he is not stopping this. What should I do for this? He feels I am controlling his life by saying this. These fights are going on between us since last month.A: When someone breaks an agreement, it means that he or she didn’t really agree. What started as a reasonable discussion has become a fight. Now you are violating his privacy and he is accusing you of being controlling. Neither strategy is good for you as a couple.I suggest that you both …

Inside the Push to Restore Literacy for the Blind

At the New York Institute for Special Education in The Bronx, Braille has a prominent place.

from Health - NY Daily News

HPV Infection Rates Down Thanks to Vaccination

It has been ten years since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended that pre-teen and teen girls get vaccinated against the human papillomavirus (HPV). Since then, HPV infections have dropped 64 percent among girls ages 14 to 19. About 14 million American teens and adults become infected with HPV every year. The virus can cause several different cancers, including cervical cancer.

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Belief in Gay Promiscuity Tied to Opposing Same-Sex Marriage

Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) have found many people believe gay men and women are more sexually promiscuous than heterosexuals, which they fear could threaten their own marriages and their way of life.“Many people who oppose same-sex marriage are uncomfortable with casual sex and feel threatened by sexual promiscuity,” said David Pinsof, a UCLA graduate student of psychology and lead author of the study.Such people often marry at a younger age, have more children and believe in traditional gender roles in which men are the breadwinners and women are housewives.The psychology study appears online in the journal Psychological Science.“Sexual promiscuity may be threatening to these people because it provides more temptations for spouses to cheat on one another,” Pinsof said.“On the other hand, for people who are comfortable with women being more economically independent, marrying at a later age, and having more sexual partners, sexual promiscuity is not…

Dog Genome Studies Hold Promise for Human OCD Therapy

Veterinary and human medicine researchers have discovered genetic pathways that influence the severity of canine compulsive disorder, a finding that one day may lead to better therapies for obsessive compulsive disorder in humans.“Dogs naturally suffer complex diseases, including mental disorders that are similar to those in humans. Among those is canine compulsive disorder (CCD), the counterpart to human obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD),” said the study’s first author, Dr. Nicholas Dodman, an animal behavior specialist and professor at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University.The finding appears online ahead of print in the International Journal of Applied Research in Veterinary Medicine.OCD is one of the world’s most common neuropsychiatric disorders, affecting an estimated 1 to 3 percent of people and listed by the World Health Organization as among the 20 most disabling diseases.OCD is often characterized by distressing thoughts and time-consuming, repetitive …

Women May Be Naturally More Altruistic Than Men

New research suggests that women are instinctively more selfless than men, a finding that remains true even among women who identify with male traits.Yale University researchers performed meta-analysis on 22 studies and discovered that even women who emanate power, dominance and independence are still more philanthropic than men.“We live in a society where women are expected to be altruistic, much more so than men,” said Dr. David Rand, associate professor of psychology and economics, and corresponding author of the study.“So women suffer more negative consequences for not being altruistic, which leads to them to develop intuitive responses that favor generosity.”For the study, Rand and Victoria Brescoll at the Yale School of Management along with co-authors Jim Everett, Valerio Capraro and Helene Barcelo, analyzed the role gender plays in responses in the Dictator Game. This game tests economic self-interest of individuals by asking them how they would split money with a stranger.The…

Cheating — But Not Really?

My fiance and I have been together for 4 years. About a year into our relationship I had to take a break from it because I had a history of violent sexual abuse that I had to get help for and our relationship was hard for me to participate in during that time. About 3 months into our break we started going out on dates and working toward getting back to normal, but we were not officially together. During this time of dating and him pursuing me he had sex with another girl. 3 years passed and he never told me about the incident — since that happened we had moved in together and he asked me to marry him. I recently found out about the sex because he left his email logged on to my computer and he was emailing her an apology for his poor behavior with her. This is the first time he has been physical with another girl, but during other parts of our relationship I have caught him sexting his ex and at one point I found him texting one of his peers at school telling her that he didn’t get en…

Cat Making You Crazy? Probably Not

New research takes a big step toward dispelling the notion that cats are somehow a vector for mental illness.Duke University researchers believe the perception started with a parasite, Toxoplasma gondii, an organism responsible for an infection called toxoplasmosis.T. gondii can live a number of different mammals (like us) and birds. But cats—both wild and domestic—are the only animals in which T. gondii can produce eggs, which are circulated when they are shed in the cats feces.Studies have shown that mice who become infected with the parasite lose their fear of cats, which suggests that the parasite hijacks the mouse’s brain to make it more likely to be eaten by a cat, all in the name of reproduction.Naturally, scientists have wondered if T. gondii affects people in a similar way.Researchers explain that the most common transmission of the T. gondii parasite in people is through eating contaminated meat, although it’s also possible to get it through accidentally ingesting cat scat i…

Moral Character Tends to Remain Stable Through Life

If you’re waiting for someone to become more helpful or generous, you may be waiting in vain, according to new research at Washington University in St. Louis.The findings suggest that moral character is a relatively stable trait and that most people stay true to their intrinsic moral code, whether it’s good or bad, regardless of extenuating circumstances or even increased maturity.“Our studies provide new and important evidence for the stability of moral character,” said lead author Kathryn Bollich, a graduate student in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences in Arts & Sciences.“Using naturally observed, everyday behaviors and self-reports of moral decision-making, we demonstrate that one’s morality is stable. These findings suggest that efforts to modify moral character may not be so simple. For example, efforts to make a roommate or romantic partner more helpful and sympathetic, or less condescending and critical of others, may be met with slow and minimal success.”B…

Straight Guy with Male & Female Foot Fetish

When I was younger in the 5th grade, I had a foot fetish for guys and girls feet, but now my fetish is more focused on women’s feet. I managed to smell the shoes and socks of girls’ and guys’ feet, however when it comes to guys feet I never had any emotional or sexual attraction for the person just their feet. I am mostly attracted to women throughout my life, but remembering the past I am scared that I am bisexual and this is something that I don’t want because it’s just not me. Is it possible for a straight person to have a foot fetish for guys’ and girls’ feet, if so does that make me bisexual? My fetish is now more focused on girls’ feet and and I don’t find any guys feet attractive anymore, is it possible for fetishes to go away as well? I considered myself straight because I like women more. Thanks.A. Just because you were once attracted to men’s feet does not mean that you are gay. If you’re not sexually attracted to men, then you’re not gay.Feet are not in and of themselves a …

How Do Prisons Handle End-of-Life Care for Inmates?

End-of-life (EOL) care for prison inmates is in need of greater attention, research, and regulation, as the general age of the prison population is rapidly increasing, according to nursing researchers at Penn State.In the years between 1995 and 2010, the U.S. prison population experienced a 282 percent increase in the number of inmates aged 55 and older. While hospice care in prisons has become more common, the systems in place are not consistent across the country.For the study, Susan J. Loeb, Ph.D., associate professor of nursing and medicine, and Rachel K. Wion, a nursing Ph.D. student, analyzed 19 peer-reviewed research articles about EOL or palliative care for prisoners published between 2002 and 2014. All but one of these studies were conducted in the U.S.They found that EOL care for prisoners is provided by a wide variety of people, from fellow inmates to professional healthcare workers. The care itself ranged from addressing psychosocial and emotional needs to providing health…

Women Who Prefer Physically Dominant Men More Likely to Fear Crime

Women who prefer physically formidable and dominant mates (PPFDM) are more likely to believe they are at greater risk of crime regardless of the situation or risk factors present, according to a new study at the University of Leicester in England.Prior research suggests that women who grew up in high-crime areas and perceive being at risk of criminal victimization tend to prefer more dominant men as partners, perhaps because of the protection they can offer. However, the new study suggests that women who are attracted to dominant men generally feel more at risk of victimization, whether or not they actually are.“PPFDM appears to be associated with women’s self-assessed vulnerability. Women with strong PPFDM feel relatively more at risk, fearful, and vulnerable to criminal victimisation compared to their counterparts, regardless of whether there are situational risk factors present,” said Ph.D. researcher Hannah Ryder from the University of Leicester’s Department of Neuroscience, Psych…

Transgender Kids With Family Support Can Have Good Mental Health

A new study has found that transgender children who have the support of their families have positive mental health, with rates of depression and anxiety no higher than a control group of children.The findings challenge long-held assumptions that mental health problems in transgender children are inevitable, or even that being transgender is itself a type of mental disorder, said lead author Dr. Kristina Olson, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Washington.“The thinking has always been that kids who are not acting gender-stereotypically are basically destined to have mental health problems,” said Olson. “In our study, that’s not the case.”Published in Pediatrics, the study looked at 73 children between the ages of three and 12 who have “socially transitioned,” changing their preferred pronouns and, typically, their names, clothing and hairstyles.The researchers found that these children had rates of depression and anxiety no higher than two control groups — their…

Intense Need for Getting Taken Care Of

From the U.S.: I recently got a job at a local hospital, which is a field far beyond what I have ever done, and it made me realize that I long for someone to just be there for me and take care of me. It goes beyond being pampered or not wanting to do anything. It’s an intense need to know that someone can take care of me.I have both Bipolar I and ADHD, which have had me hospitalized several times, but I miss having people to care for me. I suffer from tremendous lack of self-confidence, which often leads to me making mistakes. I am ditsy; I am depressed most of the time, and I am extremely self-vigilant. Those factors could contribute, but I feel it’s something more. I find myself struggling to get through some days, because of this need.I used to be a cutter, and I have actually considered starting again, just so people can realize that I need to be taken care of. I have considered attempting suicide, just enough to where I would still live, so that I would be in a hospital getting t…

Hard Exercise Can Boost Brain Chemicals Sapped by Depression

A new imaging study shows that intense exercise boosts two critical neurotransmitters — glutamate and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) — resulting in better mental fitness.Published in The Journal of Neuroscience, the study’s findings offer new insights into why exercise could become an important part of treating depression and other neuropsychiatric disorders linked with deficiencies in neurotransmitters, which drive communications between the brain cells that regulate physical and emotional health.“Major depressive disorder is often characterized by depleted glutamate and GABA, which return to normal when mental health is restored,” said lead author Dr. Richard Maddock, a professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of California Davis Health System.“Our study shows that exercise activates the metabolic pathway that replenishes these neurotransmitters.”The research also helps solve a question about the brain, an energy-intensive organ that consum…

Homeless Suffer from Geriatric Conditions Decades Early

Homeless individuals in their 50s suffer from more geriatric health conditions than non-homeless people who are decades older, according to new research at the University of California (UC) San Francisco.The findings highlight the importance of developing new ways to help homeless people, a population that is becoming increasingly older. Half of single homeless adults are now 50 or older, compared to only 11 percent in 1990.For the study, researchers tracked 350 homeless individuals aged 50 and over in the city of Oakland. Even though the people in the study had a median age of just 58, they experienced more difficulty bathing, dressing and eating than 80 year olds living in homes.These younger homeless individuals were more likely to fall down frequently and suffer from depression. They also had a harder time using transportation, taking their medications, managing money, applying for benefits, arranging a job interview and finding a lawyer. They were more likely to suffer from cogni…

Computer Learning May Help Reduce Repeat Domestic Violence

A new study has found that using data analysis and computer learning at an arraignment to analyze the chances of a repeat domestic violence incident reduced new cases by half, leading to more than 1,000 fewer arrests annually in one large metropolitan area.After an arrest, the first court appearance is usually the preliminary arraignment, when a judge or magistrate decides whether to release the suspect or hold them in jail, based on the likelihood the person will return to court or commit new crimes.Arraignments are usually very short, with decisions based on limited data. However, Drs. Richard Berk and Susan B. Sorenson of the University of Pennsyvania found that using computer forecasts at these proceedings can dramatically reduce subsequent domestic violence arrests.“A large number of criminal justice decisions by law require projections of the risk to society. These threats are called ‘future dangerousness,'” said Berk, a criminology and statistics professor at Penn’s School …

Reaction to Stress May Be More Important Than Frequency

How you react to stressful events is more important to your health than how frequently you encounter stress, according to new research.While it is known that stress and negative emotions increase the risk of heart disease, the reasons why are not really understood, according to researchers from Penn State and Columbia University.One potential factor is a dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system, a case of a person’s normally self-regulated nervous system getting off track, the researchers postulate.That led Nancy L. Sin, Ph.D., and her colleagues to investigate if daily stress and heart rate variability — a measure of autonomic regulation of the heart — are linked. Heart rate variability is the variation in intervals between consecutive heartbeats, researchers explained.“Higher heart rate variability is better for health as it reflects the capacity to respond to challenges,” said Sin, a postdoctoral fellow at Penn State. “People with lower heart rate variability have a greater ri…

My Boyfriend of Six Years Broke Up with Me

Last night my boyfriend broke up with me over an issue I didn’t think was a big deal. Yesterday my friends and I planned a night out and I made the mistake of not inviting my boyfriend because of this one guy. That guy broke our relationship once and that’s the reason why my boyfriend dislikes him so much. I thought I did the right thing by not telling him about it, but apparently he didn’t think so. He told me that I would have never gone if I knew that guy was coming but the truth is that was the only night I could go out and stay out late so I thought to myself, “Why would I stay at home just because of another guy?” and went for it anyway. While I was on my way to the gathering I got a text from my boyfriend asking me where I am and I sent a message telling him where I was going but apparently the text hadn’t gone and he thinks that I ignored his message because I didn’t want him there. He doesn’t like any of my guy friends. He’s a Muslim boy and I’m not so there’s a lot of cultur…

Young Adult Obesity Tied to Poor Memory

Young adults with a high body mass index (BMI) may have poorer episodic memory (the ability to recall past events) than their healthy weight peers, according to a new study at the University of Cambridge.While only a small study, the findings add to the growing body of evidence that excess body weight may be associated with changes to the structure and function of the brain and its ability to perform certain cognitive tasks optimally.Nearly 69 percent of U.S. adults and about 60 percent of U.K. adults are overweight or obese. Obesity increases the risk of physical health problems, such as diabetes and heart disease, as well as mental health disorders, such as depression and anxiety.“Understanding what drives our consumption and how we instinctively regulate our eating behavior is becoming more and more important given the rise of obesity in society,” said Dr. Lucy Cheke.“We know that to some extent hunger and satiety are driven by the balance of hormones in our bodies and brains, but …

Marjory Wildcraft on The Homegrown Food Summit

Marjory is the founder of the [Grow] Network, which is the online home of a global network of people who produce their own food and medicine.  "Home grown food on every table" is the solution.  Marjory was featured as an expert in sustainable living by National Geographic, she speaks at Mother Earth News Festivals, and is a regular guest on Coast to Coast AM.  She is an author of several books, but is best known for her video series "Grow Your Own Groceries" which has over a half million copies in use by homesteaders, foodies, preppers, universities, and missionary organizations around the world.

from The Urban Farm Podcast with Greg Peterson

Frozen Section Analysis for Breast Cancer Could Save Time, Anxiety and More Than $90 Million

ROCHESTER, Minn. — When diagnosed with breast cancer, women may have thousands of questions running through their minds, but one they may not have immediately is: Will my choice of provider save me time and money? Mayo Clinic researchers have answered this question with what they believe are compelling statistics that may encourage women and [...]

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Naturopathic doc details floral remedies to relieve trauma

Certain flowers can help deal with specific emotional traumas, especially for victims of sexual and psychological abuse, the author says.

from Health - NY Daily News

I’m Not Sure if I Should Get Help or if I’m Overreacting

Hi, I’ve been having some issues that make it hard for me to think and function how I usually (or how I think I usually) do. It started a while ago and I’m not sure if it’s because of my age (13 years) or just things around me. Because I’m young I feel like I should just wait it out or I’m being overemotional but I would like to check. Throughout my life I’ve had a “separate personality” for everyone I get to know. This is (as I take it) normal and other people do it but I think I take it too far for my own good. I can’t open up to people. I want to and know I need to because of the things I’ve been feeling but I just can’t. Somewhere inside my mind it blocks me off from telling people. I told one of my close friends, that I felt would understand, about me cutting and how I feel through note but we agreed not to discuss it since I refuse to talk about it. I am a very open person and I can socialize great after a minute or two of getting used to different settings but I’m still not ope…

Being fat makes you forgetful: study

That spare tire around your waist may also be weighing down your memory.

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Hilaria Baldwin's best yoga poses

Being a yoga instructor, it's no surprise that Hilaria Baldwin loves to show off her best moves to the world. Check out the gorgeous human pretzel in some of the best yoga poses she posed on Instagram ...

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