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Weight Gain in Children Associated With Low Hormone Levels

ROCHESTER, Minn. — A Mayo Clinic-led study found that obese teenagers have lower levels of a hormone potentially tied to weight management than teens of normal weights. The study is published in the Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. “Our study is the first to look at levels of spexin in the pediatric [...]

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Surrogate Endpoints Poor Proxy for Survival in Cancer Drug Approval Process

ROCHESTER, Minn. — Surrogate endpoints used to support the majority of new cancer drugs approved in the U.S. often lack formal study, according to the authors of a study published in the June issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings. This analysis questions whether the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is adhering to standards that demand that [...]

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June 2016 Pet Horoscopes

Gemini pets could be a little scattered this month.

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Bar pull-ups: tips and perks

Increase your back strength with bar pull-ups. Here's how to get it right.A strong back is integral to a strong, high functioning, lean body, and pull-ups are like a laser pointer for your flip side. They’re also bloody tough.“Pull-ups are one of the toughest bodyweight exercises you can do and they do take a long time to master,” says  PT and founder of business KE Fitness Kris Etheridge.Yet beginners who withstand the burn will witness rapid gains. “You’re going to have to be patient, but you should be improving in strength each week when you first start out.” Etheridge advises strengthening your biceps and upper back using the assisted pull-up/chin-up machine, lat pull-down machine and seated row machine. “If you don’t have access to these machines, a great way to work on your chin-ups or pull-ups is to loop a large power band (a thick circular rubber band) over a chin-up bar and put one of your feet in it,” Etheridge says. “This will help lift some of your body weight. As you …

FDA Approves Nutrition Label Makeover

Over the next two years, changes to “Nutrition Facts” labels will help teens and adults make smarter food choices. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced the changes, including more prominent calorie counts, more realistic serving sizes, and a new line that specifies how much added sugar is in a product (as opposed to natural sugars, like those from fruit). The average teen consumes more sugar than doctors recommend, and many consumers may have unrealistic expectations of serving sizes. The new labels will include columns that clearly show nutrition facts “per serving” and “per package” for foods that may be consumed in a single sitting, like a pint of ice cream.

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I Feel Unattractive But People Tell Me Otherwise

I’ve been looking and i can’t seem to find a question like this, but i don’t know why i consider myself as “unattractive.” I’m a 15 y/o boy in high school and I always feel like i look so hideous, but people keep trying to tell me that I’m not. Sometimes I tend to get angry, because I feel that these people are just trying to be nice or generous. As a straight forward person, I like to be honest and expect the same from my peers. I try to avoid photos and videos, and when I talk to people, I feel as if they’re disgusted having to look at me. I think that this is a very negative thing, as people get angry at me because they think that I’m seeking attention, but I’m not. I just want the truth from people, but my thoughts of myself being undesirable can’t cope with some of these people’s opinions. Sometimes my flaws are so easy to see, and people still tell me that I look fine. Truthfully, I hate it, and if these people are lying I want them to stop. And if they’re telling the truth, I w…

June 2016 Planetary Report

This June, you are encouraged to push through obstacles and move out of your comfort zone and step into your own personal power.

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Just Can’t Bring Up Schizoaffective Disorder in Person

I have been seeing a psychiatrist and a therapist since I was hospitalized in 2012 for a suicide threat. I’ve been treated for depression and anxiety since then and, because nothing has come up since about 2011, I have not opened up about other issues. But lately I can feel something coming on again. Every few months I would go through a few weeks to months of delusions, hallucinations and mood swings usually resulting in me sequestering myself from church, school, friends or whatever else I was involved in. I had a recurring experience of a demonic familiar, visiting other dimensions, and shadow people that seemed to stop when I got a custom tattoo on my back that is an alchemical symbol for demon warding. But it’s starting to slip back. I’m distracted, hear and see things that startle me, and recently put myself in the hospital again when I got so agitated that I cut myself deep enough to damage a tendon. My problem is I just can’t open up in person about exactly what is going on; I…

New Chewable ADHD Medication, Adzenys, Has Some Worried

Adzenys XR-ODT was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in January as a treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children. Adzenys is a flavored amphetamine extended-release orally disintegrating tablet, designed to be more easily taken by children only once a day (usually in the morning).But at least one psychiatrist is worried that the chewable, candy-like nature of the new drug may spell trouble toward over-medicating more children. And at least one psychiatrist worries that it could be a gateway drug for further prescription abuse.Other psychiatrists, however, see the benefits of the new form of administration for the medication commonly prescribed to treat ADHD.Adzenys contains a 3 to 1 ratio of d- to l-amphetamine, a central nervous system stimulant. It has been approved for treatment of ADHD in children 6 years and older. Stomach aches, loss of appetite, insomnia, and weight loss are the most common side effects associated with the new drug.…

Mouse Study: How Maternal Smoking May Be Linked to ADHD

New evidence shows that early maternal exposure to nicotine can result in genetic changes that continue to affect the baby’s brain cells well into childhood, according to a new mouse study at Yale University.The findings show why early exposure to nicotine may be linked to behavioral changes such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), addiction, and conduct disorder.It has been well-documented that maternal smoking is linked to a host of problems including low birth weight, premature birth and a greater risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).When nicotine enters the body, it affects a master regulator of DNA packaging, which in turn influences activity of genes crucial to the formation and stabilization of synapses between brain cells, according to the study.“When this regulator is induced in mice, they pay attention to a stimulus they should ignore,” said researcher and senior author Dr. Marina Picciotto.A lack of focus is the hallmark of ADHD and other behavioral …

Ben Klempner on Urban Farming Activism

Ben is a husband and father of two boys and two girls living in the Jerusalem Foothills.He attendedtheUniversity of Montanawhere he received aBA in American Literature anda Minor in Wilderness Studies. He receivedhisMaster’sDegree in Social Work from Barry University in Miami, Florida.Ben learned how to farm by reading lots of books, watching and listening to lots of videos and podcasts, speaking to farmers, and then jumped in headfirst to start a one thousand containerEarthBoxfarm. Now, he manages a small urban farm at a community center that uses raised beds, containers, and no-till gardening techniques using thick layers of straw mulch and abroadfork.Ben advocates for himself and encourages and consults other small-scale farmers, gardeners, and would-be farmers to carve out niches for themselves as municipal and educational farmers within theirmunicipalities and education school boards.

from The Urban Farm Podcast with Greg Peterson

Health Supplier Segment: Strategic Psychology in Canberra City by HealthProfessionalRadio

In today's Health Supplier Segment, we welcome Strategic Psychology Clinical Manager Gregg Chapman here to discuss the services they provide. Among the services they offer are supportive, understanding counselling for adults across a wide-range of presenting issues. Strategic Psychology offers psychological therapy; psychological assessments; some training; and, consultancy advice. They provide a broad range of psychological services to clients across the life-span. Our practice specializes in an increasingly popular form of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT). They assist with difficulties such as depression, anxiety, work dissatisfaction, interpersonal difficulties amongst many others. All of their registered psychologists are members of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and registered by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). Their practice is located in the heritage listed Sydney building in the heart of Canb…

Posting About Alcohol on Facebook or Social Media? It’s Tied to Drinking Problems

Posting about alcohol use on social networking sites — such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram — is actually a stronger predictor of having an alcohol problem than drinking itself, according to a new study by researchers at North Carolina State University and Ohio University.The findings show that college students who have gained an “alcohol identity” and who willfully advertise themselves as drinkers are at greater risk for alcohol-related problems, such as getting into fights.“We started this project with a threshold question: what drives students to drink and post about alcohol on social networking sites,” says Charee Thompson, an assistant professor of communication studies at Ohio University and co-lead author of the study.“The strongest predictor of both drinking alcohol and posting about it on social networking was espousing an alcohol identity — meaning that the individuals considered drinking a part of who they are,” Thompson says. “And those two behaviors were associated wit…

Returning to Old Behavior

From a 17 year old in the U.S.: I used to have depression and anxiety with a history of alcohol abuse. I was pulled out of school for a month last year to seek additional professional help. After two years of therapy, I am successful academically, socially, and am a “normal” teenager. But lately, I have started drinking again and my grades have dropped. I feel as if I am repeating my old behavior not for the instant gratification of alcohol, for example, but because I miss the familiar feeling of suffering. I had issues for years, and being healthy is so foreign to me that I don’t know how to handle it.A: I’m very, very glad you wrote. You are catching yourself before you get too entangled in old patterns. That’s progress. Now you need to do the next step — which is to go back into therapy.Therapy often happens in “chapters”. It’s not unusual. It doesn’t mean that the first course of treatment wasn’t successful. It only means there is more work to do. In your case, you got back on you…

Should I Confront My Emotional Abuser?

I recently ended a 3 year relationship with someone who I’ve realized was emotionally abusive. I started wondering if I was being abused about a year ago, and recently read an article on this website that seemed to detail exactly how I feel and how I was treated. The title of this article is ‘Emotional Abuse and the Impact of Absence.’ He would withdraw without telling me what was wrong, leaving me to guess. He would rarely apologize, and seemed to be emotionally unavailable. Sometimes his withdrawal was due to me being upset about something that had nothing to do with him. He was extremely critical of my children, and my family. He found fault in the way my kids walked too loud, held their fork wrong, a look on their face he didn’t like, etc. and claimed that it wasn’t their behavior that was the problem, but my lack of disciplining them for it. However, it seemed no matter how I responded, he would find fault with it, and I felt like I was walking on eggshells when he was around bec…

Stares Blankly Outside But Still Comes Up with Nothing

I’m obese but told that I’m not. My moods change based on how people treat or what they say to me. I get annoyed easily. I’m empathetic but act like I don’t know anything. Everything I try to succeed in I fail because I’m not good enough. I waste so much money on beauty supplies but fight the knowledge that it’s just society. I pick zits to the extent of scarring because I can’t stand anything raised on my skin. I’m an INFJ and Pisces. I watch how people judge me and it makes me regret being unique (I try to be different but within reason to what I like in general.) I often wonder why I don’t fit into this world and if there’s another but know deep inside there probably isn’t and I’m wasting time acting like this but can’t help but think of all the wonders. I always have hope for the best but never find it. All of my friends just stop talking to me and always place me on the back burner because they know I’m always there when they need me. I feel overwhelmed
with life. Depression medi…

For Many Older Americans, Retirement Will Involve Work

A large portion of retired Americans are still working in some capacity or plan to do so in the future, according to a new survey by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. In fact, one-fourth of the survey respondents say they plan to never retire, particularly those who earn less than $50,000 per year.This post-retirement work may involve reducing one’s previous hours to part-time status, moving to a new employer or switching to a new field of work altogether.Key findings from the survey from adults age 50 and older:Six in 10 Americans age 50 to 64 plan to work past the age of 65. Nearly half of those who are 65 and older say they already work or plan to work during this later stage of life.One-fourth of older workers say they plan to never retire. This sentiment is more common among lower-income workers than higher-income workers, with 33 percent of those earning less than $50,000 a year saying they will never retire, compared with 20 percent of those who earn…

New Way Found to Measure Awareness in Brain-Injured Patients

A new study has found that measuring the amount of glucose consumed by the brain can predict a person’s level of awareness, or the likelihood that they will recover awareness within a year after a severe brain injury.That’s important, according to scientists, who note that a precise diagnosis and prognosis of recovery of consciousness of patients after a severe brain injury is a challenging clinical task, as some brain-injured patients retain certain levels of awareness despite appearing fully unresponsive.“In nearly all cases, whole-brain energy turnover directly predicted either the current level of awareness or its subsequent recovery,” said Ron Kupers of the University of Copenhagen and Yale University. “In short, our findings indicate that there is a minimal energetic requirement for sustained consciousness to arise after brain injury.”In the new study, Kupers, together with Johan Stender and colleagues from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark and the University of Liège in B…

Meditation Can Help Ease Uncertainty of Prostate Cancer

A new study shows that mindful meditation helps ease men’s fears and uncertainties about prostate cancer.Researchers from Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine found that men who are under close medical surveillance following a prostate cancer diagnosis reported significantly greater resilience and less anxiety over time after receiving an intervention of mindfulness meditation.According to the scientists, the anxiety and uncertainty that men who choose active surveillance experience when diagnosed with prostate cancer causes one in four to receive definitive therapies within one to three years, even when there is no sign of tumor progression.“It’s very understandable that some men will feel concerned with the knowledge that they indeed have prostate cancer but are asked to NOT do anything to remove it,” said David Victorson, the principal investigator of the study and an associate professor of medical social sciences.“For many men this can create a great deal of inner t…

Education Called ‘Foremost Strategy’ for Opioid Abuse Prevention

Education is key to reducing the current opioid epidemic, and no other strategies can substitute for it, according to Dr. Adam Kaye, a professor of pharmacy at the University of the Pacific in the latest issue of the journal Current Pain and Headache Reports.In an article titled “Current State of Opioid Therapy and Abuse,” Kaye writes that the newer medical technologies that make it harder for people to abuse opioids — such as the development of pills that produce unpleasant side effects if broken, crushed, or injected — will likely have limited results in curbing the current epidemic of opioid abuse.“Education is the foremost strategy,” Kaye said. “We must educate primary care providers, surgeons, pharmacists, and other health professionals, as well as patients. That education must take place prior to the starting point of opioid therapy — and it needs to be independent of the pharmaceutical industry.”The facts surrounding this drug epidemic are grim: Opioid misuse increased by an as…

I Want to Hurt People

From a 19 year old in the U.S.: I want to hurt people not a specific person but i want to hurt someone badly enough that i may kill them fantasizing about brings me pleasure but not sexual just pleasure a complete sense of euphoria and i want to know if there is a term for what this means in terms of who i am and if there are more like me. If there is a way for me to change before i really hurt someone I know its wrong but if given the opportunity i would hurt someone and i wouldnt feel bad but some part of me knows its wrong i guess thats why im here or its because i want to know what it is i am.It would be very amazing if someone could help me figure this out but i just want to reiterate I derive pleasure from fantasizing about hurting people but noone specific no targets no prey just someone i can visualize it perfectly and maybe it comes from me being raped as a child my family does not know about that but it was so long ago that the man who did it would not get charged because of…

8 Year Old Boy at My Mother’s School Is Showing Signs of a Psychopath

My mom teaches at a private school and one of her students kept fighting with others. She asked me to go talk to him so I did. The more I talked to him the more signs of being a psychopath began to show. He claimed he had no remorse for hurting people. And he said calmly that he thought another kid was going to beat him up (A kid who I know personally would never do anything like that) and so he said he had to kill him. That kind of scared me but I made no comment in an attempt to not discourage him from talking to me. I talked to him some more and I remembered that previously I had heard about some kids thinking that only weak people care about others. So I asked him if he thought that was true and he said yes. I asked him if his mom cared about him (which I know that she does, I’m friends with her) and he said yes. I asked him if that meant she was weak and he said yes. He then continued to say that he would like his mom more if she didn’t fake committing suicide, which from the way…

Electronic Media Interferes With Preschoolers Communicating With Parents

A new study shows that it’s not only teenagers who are too preoccupied with electronic media to listen to their parents. It extends even to preschoolers.Researchers from the University of Michigan found that there is little mother-child dialogue or conversation while children between the ages of three and five are using media such as TV, video games, and mobile devices.Unlike previous research that relied on self-reports by parents tracking their children’s media usage, the new study used enhanced audio equipment to track the home environment of preschoolers as they interacted with parents in 2010 and 2011.For the study’s 44 families, the recordings averaged nearly 10 hours daily, the researchers reported. The recordings documented the format of media used, duration, and communication between the mother and child.The audio recording output indicated when the recording device “picked up” a media signal, which allowed researchers to code media use and transcribe media-related talk at ho…

Acupuncture Can Ease Menopause Symptoms

A new study has found that acupuncture treatments can reduce the number of hot flashes and night sweats associated with menopause by as much as 36 percent.“Although acupuncture does not work for every woman, our study showed that, on average, acupuncture effectively reduced the frequency of hot flashes and results were maintained for six months after the treatments stopped,” said Nancy Avis, Ph.D., a professor of public health sciences at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and lead author of the study.Funded by the National Institutes of Health, the study included 209 women between the ages of 45 and 60 who had not had a menstrual period for at least three months. On average they had at least four hot flashes or night sweats a day in the previous two weeks.Participants received a baseline assessment and were then randomly placed in one of two groups.The first group received acupuncture treatments during the first six months. They were then followed without receiving acupuncture for th…

Brains of Schizophrenia Patients May Be Reversing Effects of the Disease

The brains of patients with schizophrenia may be trying to reorganize and fight the illness, according to a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) study conducted by an international team of scientists. This is the first time that imaging data has been used to show how our brains may have the ability to reverse the effects of schizophrenia.Although schizophrenia is generally associated with a widespread reduction in brain tissue volume, the new findings reveal a subtle and simultaneous increase in brain tissue in certain regions.The researchers followed 98 patients with schizophrenia and compared them to 83 patients without schizophrenia. Using MRI and a statistical approach called covariance analysis, the research team measured any increases in brain tissue. Due to the subtlety and the distributed nature of increase, this has not been demonstrated in patients until now.According to Lawson Health Research Institute’s Dr. Lena Palaniyappan, there is an overarching feeling that curing people …

Difficult Decisions Boost Activity in Brain’s Insular Cortex

Researchers can tell how much you are struggling with a task or decision based on sensory input by looking at the activity of your brain’s insular cortex, according to a new study at Georgia State University.For example, if you are driving down the road and suddenly see an object in front of you, you must decide what action to take, such as whether to slow down or go around the object. If the situation remains unclear and you are still unsure what to do — perhaps you are still trying to figure out if it is an animal or a box — then your insular cortex activity would fire up.The findings shed light on the insular cortex’s role in perceptual decision-making, which up until now has remained a mystery.The study involved 33 participants with normal or corrected-to-normal vision and normal neurological history. The subjects completed four perceptual-decision making tasks, in which the researchers manipulated the visual and audiovisual stimuli to create varying degrees of task difficulty.Beh…

Am I Depressed or Do I Have Schizophrenia?

So the issue is I don’t know what is wrong with me, I’ve been searching ever since I was 14 or 13 I don’t remember, it happened around that time. I was once a rowdy kid, in school i would interrupt class, I was craving attention i believe, I wrote on the back of a piece of paper that was meant for an assignment, of all of the reasons I’m fucked up, the teacher read it and gave it to the principal, they had a psychologist evaluate me, the duration of the evaluation i just looked at the security cameras and ignored his questions.But then when 8th grade or 9th grade came along… it was like a switch, most of the kids at my school knew me as the class clown, but I just didn’t want to talk, I didn’t groom myself for school, I didn’t care. Oddly enough, with me becoming overly quiet, I was able to get better grades, for a while. I have an emotionless face, i even notice it. When i was in 9th grade i even had a kid walk up to me ask me if I was Schizophrenic, i said no, and walked away and ju…

34 - Breakthrough by themeditationpodcast

Breakthrough, a 1-hour transformational healing meditation. As we navigate our daily lives, we often get stuck in the same places over and over again. We meet the same recurring challenges in our relationships, the same fears, the same frustrations, the same aches and pains. Some obstacles seem impossible, like it's our destiny to remain stuck, repeating the same mistakes over and over again. In today's meditation, we dive a little deeper, stir up still waters, break through walls, transform pain, resolve the past, repair DNA, breathe new life into every part of our selves, and begin to flow effortlessly toward our truest and highest forms. Use this meditation daily, ideally first thing in the morning, until you experience a profound and lasting change. If you have a specific goal or intent, bring it to mind now. If not, simply direct your attention toward your own quiet stillness. This podcast uses audio technology that affects the brain, so please use headphones and do not …

DaNelle Wolford from Weed 'em & Reap

DaNelleis a former health care provider, mother of 2 children, and creator of the blog Weed 'em& Reap.DaNellestarted to take an interest in a healthier lifestyle after suffering from two debilitating chronic diseases. On a mission to create a farm of her own,DaNelleforced, or rather 'lovingly persuaded' her husband to purchase a ranch home on an acre of land and transform it into their very own urban farm.DaNelleblogs at Weed 'em& Reap where she writes about sustainable backyard farming, traditional food, & natural remedies.

from The Urban Farm Podcast with Greg Peterson

I Need Some Serious Help

I am a 26 male from India. I am extremely psychologically disturbed and don’t know what to do.In early childhood at the age of around 8 I was introduced to sex by a cousin who was around 15/16. I did not thought much about it then but i engaged in some sexual activities. It did not felt wrong or right at that time because i was just 8. One more cousin did the same with me next year. I did not know if it was wrong or right. Then by teenage i had sexual experiments with two more distant cousins in one of which the other guy initiated but in one case i did. I dont know why i did it but i did.The experiments ended when i reached 14-15 years of age. After that i locked those memories away and never thought about it.When i came in college i had a gf whom i dint love nor did i want to be in the relationship with her. I even tld her upfront that i dint want to be with you. But she cried and insisted so much and moreover my friends too pressured me to be with her so i went into the relationshi…

New Mom’s Parenting Stress Impacts Couple’s Sexual Satisfaction

A new study finds that a mother’s stress from becoming a first-time parent has a significant effect on both her own and her male partner’s sexual satisfaction. The father’s parenting stress, however, doesn’t appear to affect either partner’s satisfaction, according to researchers at Penn State who published their results in the journal Sex Roles.“The transition to parenthood has gained importance recently,” said Chelom E. Leavitt, doctoral student, human development and family studies.“We know that sexual satisfaction is an important element in relationships, but as far as we know, it hasn’t been studied at this transition before. We wanted to know how parenting stress affects sexual satisfaction.”For the study, the researchers examined data from 169 expectant heterosexual couples who had participated in the Family Foundations prevention program. When the baby was six months old, the couples were asked to report on the parenting stress they were experiencing. Then once the baby turned…

Multiple Personality Disorder Rooted in Traumatic Experiences

A new study supports the notion that multiple personality disorder is rooted in traumatic experiences, such as neglect or abuse in childhood.Multiple personality disorder, more recently known as dissociative identity disorder (DID), is thought to affect about 1 percent of the general population, similar to levels reported for schizophrenia.People who are eventually diagnosed with DID have often had several earlier misdiagnoses, including schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, according to researchers at King’s College London.DID is characterized by the presence of two or more distinct identities or “personality states” — each with their own perception of the environment and themselves.Despite being recognized in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-IV), controversy remains around the diagnosis.Some experts argue that DID is linked to trauma, such as chronic emotional neglect and/or emotional, physical, or sexual abuse from early childhood. Others hold a non-traum…

Alcohol Ads on Social Media Are Very Influential

Alcohol ads on social media appear to be very successful at achieving their original intent: Simply seeing them tends to increase the desire for alcohol, according to a new study at Michigan State University (MSU).The findings show that when participants were exposed to beer advertisements on Facebook, they were much more likely to choose a gift card for a bar rather than for a coffee shop, compared to participants who were shown ads for bottled water.“In this study we wanted to see whether just the mere exposure to alcohol messages on social media makes any difference in terms of people’s expressing intentions to consume alcohol, as well as engage in alcohol-related consumption behaviors,” said study leader Saleem Alhabash, assistant professor of advertising and public relations.For the experiment, 121 participants were exposed to ads on Facebook: One group saw ads for a brand of beer, while the other group saw ads for a brand of bottled water. At the end of the study, as a reward fo…

Not Comfortable with Doing a Certain Project in University

From the UK: In university, I’m required to do a group project in which we record a video, and as a student with selective mutism, this is causing me severe anxiety. So I’m writing here today to get advice on how I can talk to my teacher about doing the other project (which is an individual written report, but the problem with it is that our teacher did not discuss that choice with us, which makes me think that it is not possible to choose it) instead of this one, when I had agreed to do this one initially.A: Your university will have a policy about working with students with special or unique needs. It would be very reasonable for you to ask for an alternate way to do this project, and my guess is that the professor will be able to accommodate your needs. In fact, if it is too difficult to begin that conversation, you can show him or her this post as a place to begin.Wishing you patience and peace,
Dr. Dan
Proof Positive Blog @ PsychCentral

from Ask the Therapist

For Obese Air Travelers, ‘Shaming’ Stares More Painful Than Tiny Seats

Being stared at while boarding and leaving a plane bothers obese air passengers even more than the tight seat belts and tiny seats, according to researchers at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) in Israel who explored the challenges obese passengers must face while flying.“Most participants agreed that the way people stare at them during boarding and deplaning is humiliating, and at times even shameful,” says Professor Yaniv Poria, chairman of the Department of Hotel and Tourism Management at BGU’s Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business and Management.Poria, along with co-researcher Jeremy Beal, a graduate of Virginia Tech’s Hospitality and Tourism Management Program, suggest that airlines allow obese people to board first and deplane last. They also suggest making design changes to rest rooms and seat trays which would make every passenger more comfortable.Planes should also offer seats of varying sizes, argue the researchers. Squeezing down aisles and into seats is particularly p…