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202: How Footwear Affects Posture, Alignment, & Movement With Gordon Hay From ALINE

How Footwear Affects Posture, Alignment and Movement with Gordon Hay From Aline

How Footwear Affects Posture, Alignment and Movement with Gordon Hay From Aline

You guys know that I’ve been on the barefoot bandwagon for a very long time, but today’s episode has changed some of the ways I think about alignment and foot health. Gordon Hay is the cofounder, inventor, and creative visionary for ALINE Systems, a footwear technology company making waves in the industry. Many ESPN Summer and Winter X-Games athletes even use these insoles.

Gordon has so much fascinating research and information about the ways that we can properly support our feet. And it turns out barefoot may not always be the way to go after all!

Episode Highlights With Gordon Hay of ALINE

  • why we do sometimes need shoes in today’s world
  • the best way to handle footwear in kids
  • the three-part approach needed for proper alignment
  • what a “footwear diet” is and how to find good footwear
  • Gordon’s thoughts on flip flops and high heels… the two extremes of shoes
  • the “junk food” footwear to avoid
  • and more!

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