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TRX 25 minute HIIT Workout Day 1
Welcome to Day one of the TRX Beginner Program! You can find this program and other TRX training programs in our Elite 1on1 video library with more information at We will be doing the following TRX exercises in this TRX workout video: 1. TRX Press Press of the handles. Keep your hands under your shoulders. You can make this harder by walking your feet away from the anchor point. Remember to come down slow and don't drop into the TRX too fast 2. TRX Floating lunge. Hanging onto both TRX handles, float one leg behind you, keep your arms straight and make sure you keep your weight in the heal. Hang onto the TRX suspension trainer but don’t try to pull yourself up, the TRX is there to help us with our balance and keep us in position not to pull up on in this exercise. 3. TRX Mid row. Hands facing inward towards the body. This is a great exercise to train your back and biceps. If you would like to make this more challenging simply walk your feet towards the anchor point. If you find yourself thrusting your hips forward the angle might be too deep or heavy for you. 4. TRX Bicep curls. Keep your elbows nice and high and shoulder with apart. You can walk your feet towards the anchor point to make this more challenging. 5. TRX Pendulum plank. Both feet in the TRX straps elbows directly under your shoulders. Keep your core nice and tight and let your feet swing side to side. Don’t twist through the hips, push the movement from your shoulders and arms 6. TRX Skull crushers. Keep your hand positioning shoulder with apart and don’t let the handles touch to make this really challenging and to get a good burn in the triceps. Your angle should not be too deep on this exercise as it is very challenging. 7. TRX Squat to rows. We have a mid row and squat together in this exercise. Don’t round your back when you go down. Keep your head up, shoulders nice and proud and away from your ears, with your weight in the heals. You can add a jump at the top of this exercise to make this exercise more athletic and get your heart rate up even higher. 8. TRX high rows. In this pulling exercise on the TRX we will have our palms facing down and pull the TRX towards our upper chest to work those posterior shoulder muscles. 9. TRX Low rows. Now we will have our palms facing up. You will have most of your power here so feel free to walk towards the anchor point to make this rowing exercise challenging to work those back and bicep muscles. 10. TRX Atomic crunch. With both feet in the TRX straps and hands under your shoulders, bring your knees in towards your chest and try to hold them there for a second in between reps to get those abs to burn

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