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TRX 30 minute HIIT Workout
Full body workout with the TRX Suspension trainer. We will be doing four circuits with five sets in each circuit. The first set we will be working shoulders with the TRX, the second set will be cardio, the third set will be chest and the final circuit will be 5 more sets of cardio. So lets get ready to workout! If you would like to find all of our TRX and other workout videos be sure to check out the Elite1on1 video library with more information at We will be doing the following TRX exercises in this TRX workout: Shoulders 1. TRX Shoulder Press 2. TRX T Flys/ TRX W flys 3. TRX Lat Flys 4. TRX Lat Flys 5. TRX Shoulder Press Cardio 1. TRX Skaters 2. TRX Plyo Lunge Press 3. TRX Mid Rows/ TRX Squat to Rows 4. TRX Press with Abductions/ TRX Mountain Climbers 5. TRX Crescent Kick Rows Alternating Chest 1. TRX Incline Press/ TRX Plyo Press 2. TRX X Press 3. TRX Pec Squeeze 4. TRX Push FLys Alternating 5. TRX Press Cardio 1. TRX Muscle Ups/ TRX Frontal Hops 2. TRX Pistol Curls/ TRX Sprinter Hops 3. TRX Plyo Press 4. TRX Pistol Curls/ TRX Sprinter Hops 5. TRX W Squats/ TRX Squat to Rows Be sure to check out our other TRX Workout videos: TRX and dumbbell workout with FDMX TRX 10 Min Hiit Workout Video 2 with FDMX TRX 10 Min Hiit Workout Video 1 with FDMX TRX training Chest Tricep Workout with FDMX TRX training Killer Core Workout TRX Back and Biceps Workout FDMX TRX Shoulder Workout Pt 2 TRX Leg Workout with FDMX TRX High Intensity Interval Workout with FDMX FDMX TRX Back workout Part II Going Back to Back! Can you build muscle with the TRX Suspension trainer? TRX Arm Workout TRX Shoulder workout with FDMX TRX Metabolic Massacre Workout TRX Chest Workout TRX 35 minute HIIT Workout FDMX TRX Bicep/ Pushup Assault Session TRX Back Workout Part 1

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